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"Initiating a paperless system can save your school district more than $15,000 per school each year! Paperless School Files offer five services that will help your schools operate more efficiently."

- Paperless Files Inc.



The Paperless System

The state mandates that school districts must store and maintain an enormous number of student files over a period of years.

Budget cuts across the country are forcing school districts to come up with cost-saving solutions. This is why school districts are investing in cloud document management. Going paperless is a worthwhile investment that saves money.

The volume of paperwork is getting much more difficult to organize and maintain. Paper files are cumbersome and cannot be effectively managed or accessed in a timely manner.

Many school districts are deciding to join the “bandwagon” and begin converting their files to a digital format.  

School districts that transition to a cloud document scanning management system have reported inherent benefits that include:

• Decreased storage costs • Preservation of records
• Operational efficiency • Document security
• Easy accessibility • Rapid investment payback

Storing paper records has many disadvantages. First and foremost, it is costly. Being able to retrieve digital information in seconds makes sense and serves the school community better.
More often than not, a professional document management system is web based.  This allows employees access to files without physically having to leave their desk to spend time at a file cabinet.  Cloud based storage of files offer a much more secure system than paper document file storage.
There are very few industries that still operate with a paper-only model.  In the interest of saving money, the education sector is now following the example of the medical, legal and financial industry and embracing cloud document management solutions.