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"Sending your records offsite frees up valuable real estate, man hours and financial resources Implementing an offsite storage program also ensures that records are easily accessible and that less time is wasted searching for files; streamlining time and labor costs associated with records management."

- Paperless Files Inc.



File Scanning

Medical practices and law offices were the first to use document scanning and online document management. The financial and insurance industries soon followed. Today many businesses in a broad cross-section of industries are using a paperless system.

The reasons are obvious. A paperless system saves money and time. Gone are the days of a line at the copy machine and a stack of manila folders on everyone’s desk. Without even trying, technology has changed the way everyone manages documents.

Our file management system allows schools to effortlessly scan their documents. We even assign a representative from our company to work with your registrar to scan your documents into our secure file management system. So the registrar does not have to spend any extra time setting up our system. We quickly deliver a turn key system that is both easy to implement and ready to use.