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"Initiating a paperless system can save your school district more than $15,000 per school each year! Paperless School Files offer five services that will help your schools operate more efficiently."

- Paperless Files Inc.



Managing Files

It is impossible for a registrar to effectively manage paper files! A school with 500 students will typically be required to maintain 15 – 20 documents per student. That’s up to 10,000 documents per year. Parents often promise to return mandatory documents and, in a rush, the registrars forget that they did not actually follow through. This can put a school district at risk! For much too long, everyone has known about this problem.

This problem is even worse at the district level. A school district with 50 schools is responsible for maintaining millions of paper documents. How could the person who manages the documents from the district level possibly know that all the mandatory documents are on file? What you have to do from the district level is assume that the school registrars are collecting the required documents. Our file management system generates a report showing the students who are missing documents. So registrars always know exactly which students are missing the mandatory documents.

Now for the best part! Our file management system NOT ONLY knows which students are missing documents BUT ALSO sends a text message to the parents’ cell phone every week reminding them to bring the missing document to the registrar!

Our system NEVER forgets! Now the district registrar can easily manage the school registrars. File management can now become a competition among the school registrars to get the lowest percentage of missing documents. What a great way to protect your school district from the liability of missing documents.