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"$1 Million: The average amount that a organization of 500 employees spends to manage hardcopy information *Based on Employer Costs for Employee Compensation,–December 2010 from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Dept. of Labor. (2011, March 9)."

- Paperless Files Inc.



Parent Communications

Schools have been using students to hand deliver notes, messages, forms or announcements to parents for DECADES. The typical school spends thousands of dollars each year on paper, toner and copier fees just to communicate simple information with parents. This communication method is extremely expensive and inefficient. Our system allows schools to send their communications directly to parents via a cell phone text message. Our research has shown that:

1. 50% of parents receive the paper messages within 48 hours of being sent.

2. 70% of parents receive email messages within 24 hours of being sent.

3. 99% of parents receive cell phone text messages within minutes of being sent.

Technology has come a long way; it simply does not make sense to make copies to send basic information to parents. Think of the trees that can be saved if every schools district utilized this money saving solution. This something that cannot be ignored, it has to be done!